ISAI offers Bespoke & White-Labelled Mobile Applications

In business, it’s a well-known fact that it is easier to upsell and cross sell products to existing clients, than it is to sell products to new clients. Offering new or improved solutions to existing customers can be very profitable and is often a lot easier due to the existing relationships and trust that have already been established.

For that reason, ISAI are keen to build partnerships with organisations that see commercial value in offering bespoke or white-labelled mobile applications as an extension to their existing product offerings. These organisations may include, but are not limited to, marketing agencies, design agencies and software development companies.

A partnership with ISAI can work in a couple of different ways, for example, we can work as a direct partner on a project, meeting and engaging with the end client, or we can be sub-contracted to complete projects, or part thereof, remotely and have no end client interaction. In either case, ISAI believes that partnerships make for better business, allowing each organisation to focus on their core competencies and deliver a project of commercial value to the end client.

ISAI can also provide white-labelled solutions to partners, as was the case with Restaurantdiary, where ISAI provided a mobile application that they rebranded and sold to their existing customer base.

To find out how ISAI can partner with your organisation, then please Contact Us or follow us on @ISAI.