Going that extra mile

ISAI is committed to exceeding our customers expectations in every project that we undertake. Feedback from our customers on our service delivery is of critical importance to us and an area of our business that we take great pride in. All of the customers below value the unique difference in service and skills that ISAI has to offer.


With the exponential growth in the tablet and smartphone market, MacRoberts recognised the need to engage with the increasing numbers of consumers that were accessing information and using tools offered to them via these devices.

In recognising this lead generation opportunity, MacRoberts identified that they required something more than a generic information portal about their services. They understood that users were unlikely to engage with this type of application and so they assessed the marketplace to understand what areas they could add value to consumers.

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Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce

Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce plays a very active role in the local community and a key part of their remit is to effectively communicate the diverse number of events, forums and successful business stories within the local area.

One of the main challenges that they faced was feedback from members that they missed out on events or the opportunity of training courses, in spite of the chamber already having a website, various social media channels, a quarterly magazine and email newsletters.

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Conservative Party Conference

Every attendee at the conference over the 3 – 4 days is given an information pack that contains various pieces of collateral. However, over the past few years, the event organisers recognised that fewer people were making use of these packs. They noted that they often made the auditorium untidy as attendees simply left them behind at the end of each day and they were also very expensive to produce.

As a result, the organisers recognised an opportunity to reduce the volume of printed information that they gave out by developing a bespoke application that allowed attendees to download and view all of the information for the conference. As an initial trial, the decision was taken to release the application on the Blackberry platform and feedback would be gauged before rolling it out to other platforms in future years.

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Airport Park and Ride

With a rapidly growing customer base, Airport Park and Ride required a bespoke web-based car park management system that would enable them to manage their operations more efficiently from their remote headquarters, as well as providing a financial summary of the organisations performance.

One of the major challenges faced by Airport Park and Ride was their current inability to integrate with third-party booking agencies. Approximately 50% of their bookings come from agencies and they recognised that they could not continue to have this volume of bookings faxed to them on a daily basis. Instead, they required a solution that imported bookings in real-time.

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ResDiary has been developed by an in-house team over a number of years and clients include some of the industry’s best known restaurants. As part of their continued international growth, the ResDiary management team recognised the requirement for an iPad application as many of their customers were increasingly looking to use tablets within their restaurants. With the exponential growth of the tablet market, many restaurants were wanting to take advantage of the ability to manage their restaurants using mobile technology as it enabled front of house employees to manage table reservation from anywhere in the restaurant. The use of tablets allows for a more personal customer experience as the front of house no longer have to remain at the front door but can instead show all customers to their tables and ensure that they are satisfied with their tables position.

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